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"We Love and Respect Life"
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Vision,Mission and Core values

                                                                                      Our Motto: We Love and Respect Life.


To be the community hospital of choice providing exceptional holistic and quality medical services to the grassroots level especially the underprivileged ensuring their satisfaction and quality of lives.


To provide innovative, consistent and value added healthcare services while continuously improving on Medicare to sustain clinical outcomes, patients’ safety and satisfaction, in line with the social teachings of the Church.


Prayer: God is the author of our lives and we being a catholic health institution we believe that it is from Him that we draw our strength. Prayer is the rock into which our spiritual strength is built. We start our days work with prayer asking God to bless the work of our hands.

Team Work: Maria Immaculata hospital well trained and cultured staffs believe that unity is strength and one cannot achieve on their own. We need one another to achieve good results.

 Honesty: The reflection of views and opinions delivered in a considered but clear and frank way. Expressing your real opinion, and an obligation to deal ethically with colleagues and customers.

Professionalism: The highest standards of commitment and delivery across all areas of responsibility for which an individual, at any level, may have. Delivering on commitment, honouring obligations and respecting those things that make a difference to the reputation that work for it.

Open ness: Being open minded to new ways of thinking, being open to criticism constructively delivered from wheresoever it may come and the welcoming of new ideas and opportunities. A requirement not just to hear but to listen.n of the institution and those 

Fun: Enjoy work. Whether it be spontaneous or organized, delivering an environment in which a smile hits the faces of you and your colleagues on a regular basis is the responsibility of all.



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